What We Do

We want to travel the world and photography, music, kitesurfing, climbing and art.
We want to experience what people are thinking and want to visit projects, which have an added value for our society and our planet.
If you have contacts or recommendations, just write us an mail (info@expedition.life).

How We Travel

For six years we converted a 35 years old firetruck into an 4wd expedition mobile / campervan. Pascal was always megalomaniac and bought this vehicle before he has the license to drive it.
How we decided to get this truck and all about the converting, experiences,… you will find here.

How We Realize It

On the one hand we did conversion by our own and saved a lot of money, but it takes a loooong time.
On the other hand we saved money for many years and than just do it.
We are lucky, that we managed to take yearly 4 month off and work during traveling for around 40h per month. So we hav not a complete relaxing time off, but we still earn some money, still have our employment and have still our insurance.

Our Experience

We are both working for a marketingagency for NGO / NPO like WWF, PLAN, Welthungerhilfe, SOS-Childrenvillages for over 15 years.
Sarah studied ethnology and worked with refugees for a long tiome.
Pascal has co founded a start up in 3D printing during his technical study and also co founded a little NGO / NPO in Nigiria (chances4change).


We were asked if we have some recommendations for the convertion about travel with an vehicle,….
If you have questions about conception of an Exmo / Van / Camoer, questions about materials, ….


for questions, recommendations and co, just write an e-mail: